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Month: October 2019

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Amazon plus FireStick minus Nike

Amazon and the Firestick other matters including the concern over marketplace from companies like Nike

Concorde Chart-topping Video

I had a trip out to see this amazing Concorde which used to be made in Bristol but now is…

Facebook HQ Rathbone Square

I received an invitation to Facebook's HQ did I go? .... Heck yeah!

Sophs Radio Show

Had to make myself smile somehow and decided to try Bitcoin Gambling which became a filler topic for my blog!

London HR Perks Research

What is personal development? Personal development is a way to understand your unique potential,  untapped ability (and including.. weaknesses) , your aspirations and your talents. It is a way…

Depiction of Mental Health – Media Vs Real Experience

This is me in 2010 running the Race for Life. I was having a rough year with my mental health…