From China with love and money

I am in minus ยฃ290 from Cryptofx people but Alvexo they did return my money safely. Rather than biting my nails I decided to come up with the next hair brained idea….well actually someone else’s.

China is getting a new reputation for making the most new millionaires

Also me and my friends have been trying to get to grips with social etiquette of pro nouns including gender neutral ones. I think that ‘it’ isn’t a proper gender neutral word, although I would describe my phone as ‘it’ e.g. find somewhere to put it, where is the mute button on it.

Gender neutral toilets are nice, but clean ones are good too. I’d prefer the clean but the stereotypical coffee shop offers a women’s with no loo roll, a men’s which you’d avoid and a disabled which smells the worst. ***That’s because people sneak in there a longer loo stop.

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