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Disappearing Bits and Pieces and $1000 email reward

Disappearing Bits and Pieces and $1000 email reward

I tried this new cryptocurrency website which was going to double my first deposit and what followed was a few days of mental strain as I sent some money which then wasn’t enough, then asked for my special reward then tried to extract the money back.

I don’t write emails for less than $1000 these days 😛

I had a very disorienting experience with work last year and these things seem to ripple out a couple of times. I had so much to say but it seemed that there wasn’t anyone specifically who needed to hear it.

Future Bright kindly helped me come up with the first concepts of Sophie’s World and part funded it. I wrote the content…it was my own space…where I had freedom to blog.

Getting this email response with a $1000 gift card hasn’t enabled me to get any money as I’d have had to convinced a friend to have opened a new user account and that’s when everyone started to feel like it was dodgy.


Click the link to see what happens when you shout scam at crypto currency website owners.

I recently did a Cyber Security Level 5 course which has been useful and making this website which is a WordPress build also enabled me to see what is involved in starting a page from scratch.

Hey…I built a new life for myself with new friendships, routines and found it was more me that my world 2 years ago. I can be grateful for that. And that now when I send an email I get $1000 replies even if I couldn’t cash this one on this occasion. 🙂


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