Today Monday, 30th March 2020

1980s song : All I need is a miracle

K pop song for world

Oasis electronic mash up

Sophia’s Electronic Beat


Trying to answer too many calls

Trying to answer too many calls
Need this many hands to multi-task ideally…

I have been watching Trigger Happy TV Series 1 on Amazon Prime. I loved Dom Jolly’s joke about being on the phone very loudly.

I also really liked his sketch which follows this pattern….

  1. He approaches an older person in a park whilst wearing a police uniform.
  2. Informs them there has been a complaint about anti social behaviour e.g. playing unauthorised football, break dancing in the park, other acts of hooliganism.
  3. He tells the older person they are matching the description of the person described and informs them that this is a very serious matter.
  4. He continues along whilst keeping a straight face as the older person is bewildered about why they are being accused of a young persons crime.
  5. Repeat.
  6. It is a very serious matter (of course)


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