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Month: September 2019

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  • Celebrating Diversity in Bristol

Celebrating Diversity in Bristol

I video recorded a Sikh community procession in Bristol.

From China with love and money

I am in minus £290 from Cryptofx people but Alvexo they did return my money safely. Rather than biting my…

Positive Peer Friendships Part 1

Fielding, London and a nice DVD uplift

Your journey to success begins with an investment in yourself.

Short Selling Maths

Short selling means that an investment firm finds a company they believe is likely to fail and then buys a…

From Amazon to Africa

My parents went on an adventure to Africa and they kindly donated me some great footage of African animal behaviour…


It looks like Amazon has experienced such big growth in the last few years that with millions of sellers its…

Blockchain an unexpected surprise.

I had a look at online currencies and these are some of the good things I have gained from doing…

Climate Emergency

What steps are you taking to promote good world sustainability? Some I’ve thought of myself include Deciding that I might…

Trying to answer too many calls

I have been watching Trigger Happy TV Series 1 on Amazon Prime. I loved Dom Jolly’s joke about being on…