The Jerry Maguire of Services

Jerry Maguire ‘The Finest Performance of Tom Cruise’s Career’ Empire magazine writes in the nineties when it was filmed. To me it is still the finest piece of cinema he did. He is veto’d by his boss after writing the Jerry Manifesto about more quality, less clients etc.

With only one friend left who wanted to join him on the merits of his speech. He’s in the fast lane for while, trying to race against Sports Leaders Management and soon finds his only remaining client is Tidwell. Tidwell is a demanding pain in the butt really, but mostly because he doesn’t feel he’s getting the attention or the Reebok he deserves.

They mostly manage to pull through a rough blip, although we don’t get to read the accounts because we have to sit through the love story between Tom and Rene. Tidwell finally gets his glory when he’s knocked out during a big game and chooses to get up.

After seeing the great rapport and sportsmanship created by Jerry and Tidwell some of the other sports players express disappointment at the corporateness of SLM. It resolves with Tom and Rene creating a new family to include the son who’s dad was AWOL.

I’m still looking for work and employment, it feels a bit dog eat dog and I surprise myself to say that the industry of buying and selling contracts for all types of products and services including care is starting to feel not to dissimilar from sports agencies depicted in the film.

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