Me and one of my absolute best friends in life were discussing what the world really needed and decided it was an angry email reading service.

This would include a professional individual who you could send these emails to and they would possibly write back. It would save you falling out with your boss, your ex or your landlord.

When I worked for the civil service you used to be able to retract emails. I wish you could still do this now yahoo offers you about 10 seconds and zoho mail about 30 seconds to change your mind.

You could try to accidentally spell it wrong or if you really don’t like Fred Taylor you could try to make new friends like Freda, Freddy, Fran or with surnames Taynmer, Tayson or anything which gives you about 5 other options of which FT to send it to.

It does take time to actually make enough friends that you will eventually get 3 or more Fredd Lunn, Fred Tallon and you could always send them to yourself as a third.

My friends at Intolign helped me a lot to keep my main email account open as they’d send me helpful, accessible emails to be working through and even replied to what I’d said. It helped to feel like I wasn’t writing into a black hole. Thank you my Malaysian friends.

Alignment by Jachym at Intolign

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