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Spotlight on Amazon

Spotlight on Amazon

I hope that this post gives the reader an insight into compliance research I have been doing about the purchasing of knives. To read more…

I have had a number of interactions over the years with knife crime as a social concern.

In 2014 I launched a business where I did freelance sports and cricket coaching. This was aimed at giving young people an outlet and hobby. At the end of the time in this type of self-employment I tried to apply for the Council’s YouthLinks funding for our Youth Club. But it was very hard for a local amateur-semi professional group run mostly on part time or volunteer workers.

Recently an ITV weather presenter had the sad and tragic circumstances of his cousin dying from a knife wound. I remember working in retail jobs. The could be run quite lean, especially during quiet shopping months. I had a good chat to Trading Standards about the pressures on colleagues to serve the customers queuing when there aren’t enough staff on, and having to balance this with doing enough ID checks.

Does anyone have any feedback or ideas about this topic or how it has affected them?


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