I have watched two movies on Amazon Prime this week about sports careers. The first is Steven Gerrard’s story of his life with Liverpool Football Team and the second which I’m only half watching about Paul Gascoigne and the football thuggery of the nineties.

I suppose what I realised, especially from Steven’s story was that he had to face some real lows in order to experience the highs of his career. I do even remember David Beckham’s missed penalty which led to people burning his shirt in the nineties in that totally threatening way.

Some of the players had to maintain themselves within the spotlight during the lows (usually if they made a mistake at the most inconvenient time).

I was thinking that having low points in your career might not be so bad in the overall goal of becoming a rounded individual.

My family recently said that it’s good to work for a company which is struggling and to work in a company which is thriving. I suppose experiencing an atmosphere of hardship and staying in it for long enough (but not too long) can teach us the meaning of perseverance, and even gratitude.

But spending too long in a failing sports team might eventually make it look like it is you who is responsible for it being a losing team. So why not reassess your strengths and look out for the best opportunity.

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Steven Gerrard 2018 Movie

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