It happened to me too Gywneth!

I just spotted a story in the media that is so close to what happened in my old job that it must be fate or at least worth a write up.

So the celebrity story was that Gywneth Paltrow had shared a picture of her daughter and her on their Instagram page which her daughter replied to say something along the lines of ‘we haven’t agreed consent for this picture and you don’t have my permission to post it’. Chris Martin had made a response by stating that boundaries were needed. And then Gywneth said it’s not easy bringing up a teenager and one reporter added that this is the 21st Century equivalent of teenage/parent angst.
I am so glad that a story has represented this issue in the media which is that we all do need help to revisit boundaries, but I believe we need to support one another in our progress towards understanding them. Sliding Doors IMDB I watched Sliding Doors this week, prior to the story breaking about this mother daughter argument. I think we should remember that in the nineties Gywneth showed us so perfectly how a woman’s feelings and trust can be and have been violated in some cases but not all by men (the gender which she was cast against as love interest at her career peak). She was in this film represented as an object of desire and not fully held in that delicate way she might have needed.

What do you think of the content?

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