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Benefits of being honest?

Mostly I try to be honest always, although I do realise the need for sensitivity and respect towards others. I’m learning and growing.

I’d say there are probably three benefits to being honest

1) JSA, as there are times I’ve been so honest at work and not played the game or my cards so well that I ended up out of a job.
2) You might just make a friend, and you might just see some others prepared to be honest with you themselves too.
3) It might be a bit like fashions which go in and out like leopard print designs on clothes or bags. The truth is sometimes desirable and sometimes not.

But I do think that the long term benefits of honesty in the workplace and in home life are better and more satisfying. If you lie on your CV and you get found out for it then people won’t believe the other achievements you might have made.

It’s a more satisfying relationship with yourself, spiritually even, to be able to live with what you do and be able to sleep with peace about what you brought to the world.

This world is a place of terrible suffering and the deeper you press into it the pain of the world is immense.

But I really benefit from hearing the good and the bad news so that hopefully I can save myself from harm or accidently believing more in others than I should. It shouldn’t be that way, but I’m grateful for the friends I have in my life and sometimes I’d rather find and fund my own way to be happier and healthier.

Over talking truth tellers at work JSA application

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