So I wanted to see how Argos was doing with its technology in comparison to the Chinese sellers unbranded goods, which I recently purchased.

I had purchased a lightning deal on Amazon where I got a portable DVD player for £45. I saw in Argos equivalent items by Bush brand and the most similar product was £49.99 (their mid range product). I’d need to comb through all that my one had as I’m not sure if mine had some of the features of the top end model.

At Argos you could pay on credit (29.9%) and also you could buy a replacement care package for £25.99 for three years. Seeing as the model I brought online did skip on older DVDs, with Argos if you paid £85 you’d know you’d have a working DVD player for 3 years.

I looked at noise cancelled headphones as I brought some again from Chinese sellers on Amazon for £40 and £50. I have one black set and one red set. The red set didn’t include the extra rubber ear piece to hold them into the ear securely. I requested more ear attachments and the seller sent me five pairs.

Looking at the range of prices on Amazon it started at £180 for the top end, even £269.99 for the serious Sennheiser version. JBuds were the most similar items I could find in the Argos range and they were £50-60, but they had no feature to keep them stable in ear.

I’d like to be able to make more recommendations like Dash Cams but from what I can see a Chinese brand on Amazon was fairly similar to the Motorala option at Argos, again I’d need to look at both products side by side to decide. 🤔😁👀