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Still trying…and how to handle a job rejection

It was a day which started fairly well as I had a chance to complete a difficult maths test which was required for a new role I applied for. It helped to get me away from the thoughts about emails I’d sent which probably might have been best looked over.

I stopped into the training provider which has given me a new piece of education to work through. It was a qualification I chose myself with help from the adviser. It was going well but as usual it kept bringing up thoughts about the past employment I had and then upsets again.

I did read this careers advice….

Don’t keep contacting

While a quick email or call to ask for feedback is completely acceptable – you need to accept whatever they have to say. It’s not okay to give the interviewer a piece of your mind, or relentlessly quiz them about why you didn’t get the job. However much you might believe that you were the perfect fit for the role, you need to understand that the employer’s decision is final.

I need to get my covering letter read over again said my dad rather than sending them without checking. I’m doing pretty well really as it is now four months since my last employer suspended me and I’ve had to set myself some work to get on with.

I have done fun things like attending a board games cafe on a date and making cups of tea for the builders drilling my wall with cavity insulation.

Feels like Armageddon when you lose your job… time to start drilling for survival
Anything really that breaks up the day and feeling like how am I going to fit into what this employer wants. And then if I get ideas about how they should do their business model…. then I start to sit on the no pile for being too difficult.

Pretty much like my last interaction with my last supervisor who I haven’t spoken to for 2.5 months.

I hope he someday gets to feel what its like to be pushed out of his job and not be able to get a new one with the click of his fingers because of the mess it leaves when you feel that rejected.

Regarding this post I have now attended one counselling session with ARA to help me with this issue of rejection which came up strongly in 2018. Rejection from men in the workplace is a repeated issue for me and I don’t find being LGBTQI always helps me much with interactions with men at work. But once I start to compliment them on their ideas they soon start drilling again happily. 🙂


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