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Tracking myself – app health monitoring

I am wearing a very accurate fit tracking watch, although funnily enough it gives me the wrong day on the display.

I can see during parts of my week where I am travelling or sitting with someone that my activity levels and readings are low. By the end of that day my legs felt funny but because I’d not been walking that day. I wanted to shake off the ‘non tired’ feeling from my legs but as I’d been awake since the early hours of the day I did sleep so well my device scored me excellent as I had a completely unbroken sleep with intermittent deep and light sleep.

I can see my heart rate and even my blood pressure which I then found a link through the NHS where I could input my reading and fortunately I was in a normal healthy range.

I have tried out my devices with friends and family recently but I have to remind myself of the affect this science information can have on people who without little notice may discover they are in a risk category for a heart attack and anything off normal can be distressing for folks. Some people preferred not to know their exact sleeping routine if they perceived they couldn’t sleep, the information telling them exactly what their REM is won’t help them with the low mood fatigue from a full night light sleep could be causing.

I turned on the TV this evening and a member of the public was being interviewed. He told the camera he had just had a leg amputated as he’s been diagnosed with diabetes and he only had himself to blame for the lifestyle causes of this terrible outcome.

Given everything I got from this product available via Amazon for less than £30 …. I’m giving a five healthy heart and life stars….

I’m wondering about if I should be putting a gambling recovery link on here too as Amazon has an appeal which can mean it’s easy to disassociate from the money involved.

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