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If you know Sophie (me) from online web pages, you will know that for the last few years I have had interesting self employed jobs in sports and cricket. However, I decided to sign back onto job centre plus to see what options might be out there for me.

I found the first few weeks quite encouraging, as I was able to finish a course on business essentials with a small training provider and I quickly got an interview at a competing leisure company.

Then I decided to sign back on, I re-aligned my focus to work in the central Bristol area where I live. I soon learned that what was needed was a top notch CV and to sign up to some job websites. Shortly afterwards I found a charity company recruiting Fundraisers for Cancer Research. I had a really great time as I was able to travel for 5 weeks to Wales, where we canvassed local housing estates.

After the role wasn’t made permanent, I left with more of a passion for walking and charity interests. I tried to keep up most of my commitments, and so I soon found I could walk for 1 -2 hours comfortably a day.

I did some money management evenings with my mum who is an absolute star and she helped me to see that I had unhealthy thinking and habits around money. Once I realised that I can be very impulsive with money, I started to be able to stop myself before taking out cash. I started to visit the local branch and even got to know some of the young staff by name.

I reviewed my sleep hygiene and found that having the internet at home was contributing to internet activity in the late evening, and a poor start to the following day. I found a few local libraries where I can log onto the internet during the day and have a chat to the library staff for a couple of minutes if I’m feeling wobbly.


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