Is what I do who I am, or does who I am affect what I do? And if I can't do what I did, am I still valuable?

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I plugged the mike into my phone, after charging, and found some songs on YouTube to singalong to. I started with Zayn's Icarus Falls album which I really enjoyed earlier in 2019.

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I have been doing all I can to explore new opportunities and look ahead, and even broader about interesting topics and causes to support in the year 2020 and beyond. I arrived home and saw a letter with Private & Confidential on my doorstep and I couldn't think who it could be from. Then somewhere... Continue Reading →

Would you like to hear a little Sophie song that I wrote when I was at university in Liverpool?

LGBQTI equality in Hollywood hits the Jewish neck of the woods and is it a platform for more thought about issues of personal choice about how we lead our lives,

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