Imagine you are Andy Murray, your body is not your own, it has big sponsors who have invested in it. They are getting nervous is he doesn't win and what if he can't get well from his injury?

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I plugged the mike into my phone, after charging, and found some songs on YouTube to singalong to. I started with Zayn's Icarus Falls album which I really enjoyed earlier in 2019.

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Nick, his thing is that he doesn't like reality.... he wants to get away from it. He listens to music like Nirvana and is absorbed by writing.

I have been doing all I can to explore new opportunities and look ahead, and even broader about interesting topics and causes to support in the year 2020 and beyond.

Is what I do who I am, or does who I am affect what I do? And if I can't do what I did, am I still valuable?

Would you like to hear a little Sophie song that I wrote when I was at university in Liverpool?

LGBQTI equality in Hollywood hits the Jewish neck of the woods and is it a platform for more thought about issues of personal choice about how we lead our lives,

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